About Us

Hello, Welcome to Graphixplace.

Our journey begins over thirty years ago.

Growing up in the Graphic Arts industry over the years we learned the print manufacturing process for commercial, flexographic, screen and digital printing.

Why is this important?

Because of this experience we were able to apply what we learned to our banner designs so they would print correctly.

In addition, we worked with big name brands, marketing, and creative departments over the years.

This experience also contributed to us creating beautiful banner designs.

How Graphixplace evolved?

We always enjoyed in seeing beautiful creative designs printed on a product.

One day we were shopping online for a 25th Anniversary personalized banner.

What we discovered was there was little creative designs available for personalized vinyl banners.

Then for curiosity we started researching other party events like birthdays, graduations, baby showers and different holiday parties for vinyl personalized banners.

The results where shocking.

The only designs available where basic template boring designs and were being marketed as custom banner designs.

We realized there was a need for award winning high end personalized banners for all sorts of occasions.

We decided to create Graphixplace to fill the creative void that was lacking online.

Also, we recognized we needed to interview the best designers we can find and hire at least five different types of design personalities, that would be reflected in their designs.

We feel we have accomplished this by bringing to market breath taking personalized banners for all sorts of party occasions. With over 700 five-star reviews on our Etsy store we are proud of what we have created.

Please enjoy visiting our store and thank you for visiting Graphixplace.